Monday, May 21, 2007

THE FUTURE IS NOW:a zest for living

Hii.i have taken this story from english literature..i liked this reorganised and created here in my blog.The story or u can say something logical is about how one should live today and make his/her life perfect..

The future is now

we are living in the present.we should live every moment of life and have a 'zest' for living.[same like the movie : kal ho naa ho]

we should learn from the past.even future is important for us.

"the future is now",the most important task for us is " to live this day and this moment"of our life and should live this day/moment to the best of our ability.

The past is is there to instruct us.We should learn lessons from past experiences.But the future begins now.we can improve a has to be is to be lived fully and with pleasure.we must have zest for living.Its the present that makes our life really 'worth living'.

Life should be enjoyed.We should have confidence in god.then we should put on the spurs.we should " let the wild horse of life fly....over stones & hedges".it means one should have courage,determination &zeest for living to face any eventualities in life.we should be prepared ' to break' our necks but we should move on"without fear"

example: A Russian spent 7 years in Siberia. he saidthat in the most unpleasant enviornment of Siberia,these lives helped him to survive there.There are 60 seconds in a minute.If we run"60seconds worth of distance", then we should live and enjoy every moment fully.If we do so,we are the masters of ourselves and offcourse,we shall rule over the people of the world.


Anonymous said...

i really liked your analysis...u really put in a lot of effort in understanding n explaining, but plz add some more details to...thanks

Anonymous said...

REALLY It's very nice n language is also perfect.I really liked it n it also helped me in my holidays homework.I was given a speech 2 prepare n i started it finding it on the net n it's awesome thanks 4 helping me DEAR......